Fandom Thing

FandomEveryone is a fan of something but we are not all a fan of everything.   I personally became a fan of books at a very young age and from there I just expanded my interests.  I learned what I liked and I learned what I didn’t like.  Seems pretty simple.

Only people don’t like to leave things simple, they want to complicate things.  They want to make you feel bad for liking things they do not care for and they will do all in their power to make you feel like a lesser person because you are not sharing their views on things.   This goes for books, movies, games, tv shows, political views, health views and on and on and on.   They shame you and insult the things you love and they walk away feeling righteous and confident because they have just inflicted their opinion without a thought on how it affected you.   People suck.

And then there are those who share your admiration for things.  You automatically feel a connection to them and you excitedly exchange thoughts on your common interest.  You feel comfortable and it makes you feel warm and happy inside.  They are a sort of family to you because they are not making you feel bad because you are a fan of something they personally don’t care for.  A good example :    A few weeks ago a Whovian brother was getting me some copies of the Doctor Who specials and he asked if there were any other television shows I wanted.   I told him I wanted the entire “Once Upon A Time” series and he ( not a fan ) asked why I would want that.  I just smiled and told him, “Because I love fairy tales and I think its neat the way they’re doing the show.”    My brother nodded and the next day brought me what I requested.  He didn’t berate me or criticize me for liking something he was not a fan of, he simply honored my request and that was the end of it.

That is the way it should be.   You should not have to worry that someone is going to make fun of you because you love something they do not.  You should not have to be embarrassed or ashamed for what appeals to you and you should not have to keep quiet about it in fear that someone will point at you and make you a target.

So all you Doctor Who, Star Wars, Once Upon a Time, Sherlock, Twilight, Hunger Games, Star Trek, Grimm, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, Piers Anthony, Harry Potter, Big Bang Theory, Friends, Divergent, and countless other fandoms, I tip my hat to you and say  ENJOY!



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